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Cars methane - methane plants for cars

Given the continuous increase in the price of fuels derived from oil, given the considerable cost savings, many are considering to transform their car to methane, to find a used or comprane a new car plant with methane series already installed in originates from the manufacturer. The current models of car Fiat methane are called Natural Power, among these are the Fiat Panda 1200, the Punto and the Multiple versions Dynamic and Emotion. Citroen proposes car methane series in the range Berlingo, C3 and Multispace; Touran and Caddy Life Ecofuel are the models proposed by Volkswagen.

Cars methane series on some models of Renault and Opel. As for Renault models are proposed Kangoo 1.6 comfort and Deluxe Combo and Zafira while those targati Opel. Renault Kangoo 1.6 Comfort and Deluxe, Opel Zafira and Combo. Cars from Mercedes methane also installed as standard on the E 200 NGT bi power. Who's intention to install the 'plant methane on your car is important that we ask for authorized and specialized workshops for assembly plant methane for cars and not a mechanical any.

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