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Emule 0.49a - Download Emule free download free

Emule new version 0.49a: After a long pause here is the new version of the popular free program for sharing files.
In this new version of emule have been resolved some bugs and issues found in earlier versions. Recall that emule is free and does not serve any code of instructions for 0.49a even for earlier versions. How you can install on windows xp, vista windows and 2000. Other versions unpaid emule are also available for Linux and Mac.

Compared to the previous version of emule, the 0.48c, has been enhanced support for the Kad el 'look and feel. More and more optimized the speed of download. Emule 0.49a can be downloaded for free in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. After downloading el 'installation, remember to update the list of servers emule.
Emule 0.49a free download

Among other versions of emule there are also the mods that normally follow the basics of the original version but adds new features more or less relevant as appropriate. Among these are emule plus, also available in Italian, emule MorphXT, emule sharkX and emule Silversurfer. Even NeoMule is one of the versions where there are many additional features and original. The current version of emule plus is the 1.2d.
EMule plus download latest version

Even emule meeting, devoted to all those who have a broadband connection with Fastweb, follows developments in the new version of the famous client. On the official site guide for configuring e-mule meeting, news and updates. L 'latest version download emule meeting, provided free of charge for Windows XP and Vista is 3.15. Download emule meeting is also available for Linux and mac and download it into their official versions and free.
Download free download emule meeting in Italian

Emule 0.49a - Download Emule free download free: readers' comments

    1 Sep 2008


    1 Sep 2008

    EMULE SEM servidores. NÃO consigo BAIXLOS. PRECISE AND Suporte de ajuda.

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