"Nigiri-3000/3010 Robot to make sushi - WiFi Phone for Skype Panasonic KX-WP1050 '


FRITZ-Box Fon - FRITZ Box Fon is a modern telephone system Voice over IP to call and browse through ADSL.
This device provides the possibility to call with the classic phones home in a traditional way or through the Internet.
FRITZ Box Fon is also a modem router can connect your PC online and gives the user the pleasure to navigate safely through the firewall. Fritz therefore encloses a single body in a router, ADSL modem and a PBX switchboard with support for analog telephones, and then using this device you can use the SIP VOIP technology using traditional phones at home, but precisely thanks to VOIP, with rates much cheaper.

FRITZ Box Fon is also compatible with ISDN.

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