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WIP320 Wireless-G to Skype from Linksys


Linksys producer and leader of solutions for Ethernet networks, wireless and VoIP for the consumer and SOHO market, today announced that is already available the new WIP320, telephone Wireless-G for Skype. L 'iPhone last of linksys allows you to make calls to the altrutenti Skype anywhere in the world, just have the availability of a wireless Internet connection, without the need for authentication browser. The device can be imagined as a wireless handset can connect to a network public or private, without the need to have a computer turned on. Wireless-G for Skype to Linksys has integrated a WiFi-finder can find and connect easily to a wireless network 802.11 b / g networks and also encrypted with WEP and WPA algorithms.
WIP320 mount a display 65,000 colors, an antenna, which provides a coverage of 200 metres external and internal 75 metres and has a weight of 100 grams.

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